Published on 05/26/2018 9:26 am
Personalized Pet Mugs

Animal Enthusiast and Personalized Pet Mugs

There are millions of pet owners that adore their furred, scaled, and feathered friends. Many of you have even had pets that you've lost in some way. For all of you, there is a way for you to proudly show off your pet whether they're still around or have passed on. The magic of social media is one of those ways. 

There are thousands of groups on social media that are for specific breeds and animals. You're probably a member of some of them. On any given day millions of pet owners upload new pictures of their pets. We see you proudly showing off your pythons, dogs, cats, turtles, and birds. And why not? A lot of people believe that their dog or cat is the only other "person" on the planet that understands them.

For those of you that love bugs and poisonous reptiles; there aren't that many places to get items that have your particular flavor of pet. Unfair, right? That's what we thought, too. 

Magical Duck gave this some thought and decided that we should get involved and give animal lovers and pet owners more ways to show their love and appreciation. How about a personalized coffee mug with the picture and name of your pet on it? If you want to slap a picture of your ball python on the side of a mug, go for it! Your red-footed tortoise named Kiki? That's awesome! Love llamas? Do it! We want you to go forth and mug! All animals. All breeds! We don't discriminate. So, grab your favorite picture of your pet and get ready to have some fun. If you don't feel that you have the perfect photo yet, then start grooming and take a selfie with your pet! The sky's the limit! The personalized mug program is ready and waiting! Click Here!

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