Published on 11/20/2017 11:43 am
Gifts For Her (The Guys Cheat Sheet)

Gifts For Her

(The Guys Cheat Sheet)


So, you're sitting there thinking about what to get for your wife, girlfriend, sister, or daughter. (OK, so maybe you're panicking.) We're going to guess that there are at least two women that you're going to need to shop for this holiday season. You may have the perfect idea for your mom's holiday gift, but you've known your mother for a long time. You're experienced in her likes and dislikes. What about your mother-in-law or your girlfriend's mom? That's some seriously touchy ground most of the time. It doesn't have to be! With just a little bit of inquiry or even a little attention to detail, you can figure out what it is that you should be getting the women in your life this year for Christmas.

(Keep in mind that these gift ideas are great for any woman that fits the descriptions listed below.)

Because this is a cheat sheet, let me be plain. Just because it says "Mothers" doesn't mean that your girlfriend won't love it too! With that in mind, unless your girlfriend or wife is really close to their mother, don't buy matching gifts. The same applies to your wife and daughter. Buying matching outfits is, often times, a huge "no-no". One more little bit of advice before we go on. If you're not sure what colors to choose, take a look at what she's wearing in a photo for clothing color ideas. You can always ask them their favorite color (or colors) as well! 


Your mom might be a little easier to buy for, but what about the mother of your wife or girlfriend? Are you in a panic because for some reason your wife left it up to you to get her parents the holiday gifts and you're going nuts trying to figure out what she'll love and what won't offend her? Take a breath and keep reading! We're about to save you from a total meltdown. Ask yourself a few questions about the mother that you're supposed to be buying for. 

Does she like silk? If she does, click here!

Does she like fur? If she does, click here!

Is she classy? We have that too! Click here!

What about those moms that prefer to be funny? Wait!

Stop a moment. Even when you're buying for a mom that has a great sense of humor and loves her jokes, she's still a woman and wants to be recognized as such. The gift doesn't have to be super girlie for you to win this game, but you should still buy her something feminine. Trust us. Click here.

Ok, so what if she's insanely stuffy and so stuck up that she looks down her nose at you every chance she gets? (No, don't buy her a cactus. We applaud the thought, but also the restraint.) For the snob mom, click here

Significant Other

If you've only been dating for a while, or have been married long enough that you're running out of great ideas, don't panic yet. There are hundreds of items available in our store that you can choose from.

Is she a total nerd? We've got you covered. Click here!
Does she love medieval styled clothing? Click here.
How about the girls that are rocking that 50's pinup girl look? Click here!
Is your wife or girlfriend the type that loves the outdoors and maybe hunting? Click here.
Does she love to buy only sustainable things to help the environment? Click here.
What about trying to find something that is truly one of a kind? Click here.


(Hang in there. You're almost done.)

Yes, we know how absolutely nuts teenage girls can be. That's why we talk to the kids of our employees. Once a week we end up asking real kids what's trending at their schools. Due to that fact, we not only have pop sockets and phone bling, but we now offer drones! Here's a quick list of ideas on what to get for your teen.

If she's a cheerleader or girlie girl, try these.
Does she enjoy playing schoolyard football with the boys? Try these!
Is she funny and outgoing? Click here.
Is she going to save all of the endangered species? Got it!

These are hundreds of ideal gifts out there for every woman on your Christmas list. We know that you stress out during the holidays. Who doesn't? This year, if your wife leaves some of the shopping up to you, don't panic. Paste a smile on your face and say, "Okay." This blog is here to make a painful experience into one that will land you some serious game points this year.

You're welcome.

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