Published on 11/07/2017 7:09 pm
2017 Gifts For Him

2017 Gifts For Him

The big question on your mind is, “What am I going to get him this year?”. At Magical Duck General Store, we have your answer. From our products, we've chosen the Top 10 gift ideas for the man in your life. Whether you're shopping for your spouse or your son, we have many great gift options that cover just about every interest.

1. Silk Tie Gift Set

If you're looking for something sleek and sophisticated this holiday then you might want to check out this silk tie set. In the business world, red is a power color. This red and gold paisley tie set has a luxurious Victorian feel to it and comes with cufflinks and matching handkerchief.




2. Men's Jewelry

Trying to find men's jewelry that isn't too thin or too gaudy is a challenge. If you've been searching for just the right necklace or bracelet for a man that they'll truly love, you need to check these great pieces out! Gold stainless steel can stand up to any man's rough lifestyle. Work or play these pieces stay tough and stay looking good.


3. Anti Gravity Phone Accessory


If you're looking for one of the best and most sought-after phone accessories on the market right now, you should look into the Anti-Gravity Case for the Samsung Galaxy. With the ability to hang it anywhere by placing it on a flat surface, you can be truly hands-free. It's a perfect way to take conference calls, Skype with family and friends, and make videos.





4. Black Leather Men's Bag

For those men that need to carry around their important papers or books for school, we have a black leather bag that can get the job done and it looks damn good while you're carrying it. This bag is made of rich and buttery leather that's durable and soft. For a trendier way to carry around everything you need; check this bag out!




5. Leather Cuff

Many men love to sport a leather cuff on one or both wrists. Instead of paying too much for a faux leather cuff that will end up peeling or falling apart after a while, why not simply get a real leather wrist cuff? These cuffs are designed to stand up to a lot of rough treatment and age very well. Check them out!




6. Dutch Wood & Badger Hair Shaving Cream Brush

Now, this is an elegant touch for all of you old world fans! This shaving brush is made of Dutch wood and real badger hair. If you want to apply that shaving cream in style with no fuss and no mess, this is a great item. Ladies, if your man shaves every day, check this one out. It's a great gift idea!





7. Ultra Thin Watch

Most of us can't stand how bulky a watch can be. We want t wear one but half of the time we opt out of it in favor of just checking our phones. This watch is changing the game. The face of this watch is only 6.5 mm in thickness. That's crazy thin. If you want to get him a gift that he'll truly appreciate then you should check this very elegant and very THIN watch out. It's both waterproof and shockproof.





8. Vintage Men's Leather Wallet

Keeping it old school has never been easier with this genuine leather wallet. The wallet is highly durable and has a slightly aged look about it. The leather is soft so you don't need to worry about using it for a solid year before it gets pliable enough to actually hold your cards the way wallets should. This is a really great idea for a stocking stuffer for that special someone.





9. Sustainable Handmade Bamboo Sunglasses

Not only are sustainable items trendy, they're way better on the environment. For those that like to keep their carbon footprint to a minimum, these glasses are the way to go. We offer a large selection of bamboo sunglasses with many different lens designs to choose from. Loving the Earth has never been easier.





10. Bamboo and Wooden Watches

These wooden watches are sustainable and fresh looking. There are many different types of wood to choose from as well as the color of the watch face and even the bands. If you're looking for wooden watches that offer glowing hands then we have those as well. These, too, make great stocking stuffers for the holiday season.


The Magical Duck General Store has hundreds of items to browse through. No matter how picky your spouse or your kids are, you're going to find something that they like. For the more interesting and unique items, try the back door of the Magical Duck. We have something for everyone. Don't wait until the holiday season is right on top of you. Visit our store and get started on your Christmas List!


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